Pediatric Cardiac Tools aspires to be an appliance for pediatricians and other clinicians to simplify the calculation of electrocardiographic intervals, as well as systolic volume, cardiac output and cardiac index from values obtained by echocardiography.


Use the top navigation bar to access the tool you need

In the ECG section of the Navigation bar, you can convert to milliseconds (msec) the number of small squares of the differents intervals (PR, QT and QRS amplitude).

After entering the number of small squares of the RR interval you will get the patient heart rate. As soon as you enter the QT's number of small squares, the QT corrected according to Bazett and Fridericia formula will be displayed. In case that any of this results exceed the recommended values a red warning will appear.

The Echo section is dedicated to the calculation of stroke volumen, cardiac output, cardiac index and Pulmonary/Systemic output ratio. These values are calculated from the diameter and velocity-time integral obtained from ventricular outflow tracts.

Check acronyms and formulas in the Acronyms section

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